Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Stroszek: WTF?

I honestly had no idea what to expect before watching "Stroszek." The beginning was very slow and I found myself trying to figure out what the essential point or message of the film was, but that came later. It comes off as a film about domestic violence, and that is definitely a huge part of the film. However, I found some very deep underlying themes going on as well. Family was a theme that stuck out to me. In the beginning of the movie, Bruno starts out as a loner. He is a total underdog. He is portrayed as the loser with no friends, he is called "creepy" by the two douchebags of the film, his house is a complete mess, and he himself is scrubby as f#*$. The most important factor in my opinion is that he does not have a family. But throughout the film, he gradually expands his friend group by being himself. He befriends Eva who is being pimped out by the two douchebags. He also forms friends with an older gentleman. The three of them form a life for themselves, and even though it seems to be a poor lifestyle... they make it work. I think that is the ultimate story of the film. Finding your place with the people that care about you and the people you care about. No matter the circumstances, if you are with the people you love then it does not matter.
But then again... he dies in the end. So take that as you will.

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  1. I think the real tragedy of 'Stroszek' is that the momentary stability that Bruno finds in the film quickly disintegrates in front of him. It seemed like an antithesis to the story arc of most other films: beginning with hope and ending in disaster