Sunday, April 26, 2015

Lawton Hall

Although I was regretfully unable to attend Lawton Hall's visit to our class last week, I did take the time to research him and his work. I have got to say that I appreciate his approach to art in that it is very nontraditional. He does mainly mixed media artwork as well as audio and film work. I am the type of person that when interacting with an art piece, I want all of my senses to be stimulated. And his do that. Especially his "All Your Thens for Now." When listening and watching the video performed by Katelyn King, I am intrigued. Confused, but intrigued. I will admit that I do not entirely understand the point of the piece and Lawton's intention behind it, but I can appreciate the fact that he goes outside of the box by incorporating unconventional methods to create artwork. In this one in particular, Katelyn is playing the xylohone while monologuing (is that even a word?) a musical commentary on Tim Davis' essay The Ladies' Tee. Again, I totally do not understand it and I don't even like it to be honest. But that does not mean that I cannot appreciate it.

I can tell that Lawton is an intelligent person because his artwork seems to always be a creative response to intellectual things such as the essay mentioned above, or science terminology such as in his musical piece "Geodesy." I mainly find my inspiration from visual things whereas it seem Lawton finds his from text, and that just goes to show how what inspires other people to create is very personal and can serve as an outlet for very different types of artwork.

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